This wiki can act as an informal and open 'archives ' to let sunshine into processes which may seem opaque to ZU staff and faculty.

  • How are decisions made?
  • Who makes various types of decisions, and who implements them?
  • What avenues exist for faculty self-governance?
  • How does the student body govern itself, and how does it interface with ZU administration?
  • Are descriptions of roles available for general enquiry and review?
  • How are budgets formulated, and who determines departmental, college-level, or service-unit spending priorities?

What are the facts? Other online sources have acted as vents for frustration with or applause for the ZU administration -- we don't want that here. Here, please help build an Encyclopedia of ZU. From Catering Services and the Convention Center , to the CEI or the CSD... how does it all work?  What is actually happening at ZU?  Please document with references whenever possible.

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When are we getting our pay rise??? [please cite source for indication that pay rise is coming]

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What is the point of this? [it's based on the assumption that a truth told cooly and objectively might affect more change than a truth shouted in anger or pain... And change is the goal, right?] Coolly and objectively, ZU was once a fine, pioneering institution in the Gulf, the first of its kind to receive MSCHE accreditation. In the last twelve months, however, it has been systematically harmed by an incompetent new management, who decree rather than discuss, and who show little to no interest in student and faculty well-being. [cite your sources, please]

Sir can u pls stop making us swipe in and out now dr Martha's gone? We HATE it as it makes us fel like children's!!!! ( students must use their Student Councils to make change --- stand up together if you want to stop the swiping. It's your university.)

WHO is Authority of this??

Sir can u pls get rid of teachers who don't give us As?? It's there job to give us As because they guests in UAE!!!!

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