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UC contains four departments: Advising & Academic Development ; English and Writing Studies ; Interdisciplinary Studies ; Mathematics and Statistics .

Each department has a chair who obeys the Dean of University College. Jyoti Grewel is the current dean. Belkeis Altarab is the Assistant (?) dean.  Zia Saunders and Lisa Issacson are Chairs (?) or Associate Deans.  The titles and roles need clarification here.  There is a chair for each department (?).

Faculty sometimes report to their chair, but sometimes they report to the other administrative roles (Belkeis, Lisa Issacson, Jyoti).  (This is unclear: there is no kind of clear structure in UC). University College faculty teach five classes a semester.

Grades are changed frequently to ensure high SELE scores . [citation needed: see TALK page.] Faculty are not given access to their annual review letters or renewal evaluations, and the Dean is not accountable to anyone.