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About Zayed University

Zayed University (ZU) was founded in 1998. It is named after the first president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nayhan. It was rated as one of the best public employers in the UAE in 2011, but has since received criticism .  It has attained MSCHE accreditation.

The ZU president was removed from office on February 26 2014 by the Minister for Higher Education.

ZU offers bachelors and master's degrees, and offers programs for both male and female student populations. It has campuses in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. ZU's University College is the largest of its eight colleges .

What's in this ZU Encyclopedia?

Major sections include information about the two campuses , the colleges and their departments, Student Organizations (clubs), the administration , Human Capital, and the service departments. Please see the main page's "talk page " for more on the purpose and tone of this ZU Encyclopedia.

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